359. Cold Heads Prevail

I worked today, in bit and pieces of time again but that is not important. What is, is that I often wake up feeling afraid for my finances – what if I run out of credit again before I can earn enough on my webdesign business to cover my expenses?

Surprise. What a surprise topic!

But the fear is real. So real in fact that I was close to not spending any money in the Royal library cafe where I work to get lunch and a coffee.

I might have done without the coffee, but then again I might not … have been so efficient, I mean. And the lunch is delicious and ridiculously cheap compared to its quality. Like 7 USD or so, and for that amount I can live of rye bread every lunch for a week, yes.

But maybe that’s not where I should look for savings. And maybe I should not focus on this fear either, but rather on how to make more money, get more time to make money and do it all in a way that is uplifting as much as possible.

Or maybe there is a smarter way to control my expenses that won’t leave me on rye bread. Maybe there are more leaks that I can and should close?

So maybe, maybe. But that is not the point. The point is that it is a bad idea to make a decision, like don’t buy food at the library cafe ever again and live off rye bread instead with. Especially if you make it because you wake up and feel afraid for your future finances.

I have heard that you should always make economic decisions with your head, not your heart. I suppose that goes for decisions about how and where and when to save, and not just where to spend.