361. Let the Days …

Used half the day to go with and babysit Jay whilst Char had craniosacral therapy. Jay was on first and we think we can already see improvements with his head which has been a little bit flat and skewed on the right side since the summer.

Maybe it is just imagining things, but as parents you do what you got to do. I want this to heal better and it is important we are positive.

We have not talked much about the birth trauma and how to move beyond it – for Char and I – ever since my mother was diagnosed with cancer again, by the way.

The birth which caused that and some tensions in Jay’s muscles and had him put his head too much to one side for the first 6 weeks or so before we discovered it was a problem. And then for more weeks and months until we got him through so much therapy and so many exercises that he finally loosened up.

So that is what we talk about – how Jay is doing, and talking about how to talk about it in as positive manner as possible, even if it is not as serious as cancer.

We also talk about cancer, from time to time.

But what about the trauma and all the emotions Char had to deal with and which really affected her until the first week of October when she had to forget that because I was affected by worry about my mother?

Sheesh. I don’t know. But I guess we will leave it resting for awhile and see when it comes up again. I don’t feel like forcing the issue right now when so much else is on.

Maybe it is the wrong choice but if there is one thing I have learnt it is that it is important to husband your resources. There are only so much crisis you can deal with at the time, or trauma healing, or difficult emotions.

Sometimes you have to let the days and time heal as well. And the concern for others.

We will see what happens, but I feel this is the right choice. For now.