362. Heart

I have been working today as usual but also thinking, since a client did not deliver his wishlist for his website on time. That gave me time to think about my own wish list.

I think that maybe it would be best to merge my idea with a longer fiction story about past lives with my Carrie-stories, over at ShadeoftheMorningSun.com.

This will give me again a chance to reflect on my own life from a more emotional perspective … which is what I always seem better able to when I try to put myself in the shoes of a woman. But with an exciting new theme …

Oh yeah – and sorry, for the, well, stereotypical consideration about women – I guess.

But that is how I feel when I write. And that is why I chose Carrie – the drug addict trying to be a mother and a suburban housewife as my protag in Shade.

Actually, I thought I had decided. I thought I had decided to stop her stories.

But now there is this thought about a Big Story about someone discovering past lives and trying to figure out if they are real or not – that has come to me again and again for weeks. And that could be Carrie!

And I want to do it – and probably in combination with a blog – as I have written about before.

And although I have been tempted, I don’t want to do something ‘popular’ – like another YA Twilight series or another Dan Brown-close.

I want to still write primarily contemporary fiction (in the novella format). With a view to literary fiction – as they call it. And to make it personal.

Write more about someone trying to deal with emotions and life than trying to save the world and find his or her place on the pedestal of fame. I’d like to continue writing someone who can never be famous. They can only try to figure out their own lives. Like Carrie Reese Sawyer …

What ultimately makes this choice appealing is that if it is Carrie – disillusioned housewife – who suddenly thinks she can remember past lives then I have already got the idea for 10+ stories …

… about sanity, about mid-life crises and conflict with family and about attempts to reinvent your life and doubts if it can be done and about – much more. Much More.

I have a story. And it has heart.

That is what is important.