363. Nothing Wrong

Today was the yearly Tivoli day for my niece, who had brought along my nephew – and then her mum to look after both of them, since Char and I was looking after Jay – and several thousand other people who we were trying not to get squashed by. Yes, we thought it might work to try a Saturday closer to Christmas instead of a Sunday some weeks back. That choice turned out to be the definition of insanity…

But luckily it was not before about 4 PM when things got really insane and the crowds just kept on coming to see all the Christmas decorations, lights and try a load of the attractions before heading on into the Christmas frenzy of the City. And at that time I had said to Char that I thought it would be a good idea to leave with Jay who was already getting restless. Then I plowed on for about 3 hours in the increasing cold, with niece and nephew and my sister-in-law.

But it was good fun. And the kids had fun. And it was kind of special to be there with Jay. There is nothing wrong with sacrificing a day like this for the extended family and good memories and getting cold feet, literally.

Just as there is nothing wrong with waiting a year to do it again. 🙂