365. A Year and The Beginning of Connecting

A year of blogging, every single day – how about that? Will I now get rich and famous? Or what are the prospects?

I think first of all it is important to note that it hasn’t been an entire year, only 365 days – or posts. I started 6 December 2016. So there’s a mystery there, sort of. Or maybe not.

Whatever the case, I think it is worth reflecting on now – what the importance of this is.

First of all, I’d say that it is not terrible important in the sense of being noticed. I have not done any marketing and so the blog traffic is almost nil. That’s the reality of 2017. You don’t just get found if you put a lot of stuff on the Internet and don’t do anything else.

But I think I have found one thing, namely my style. I like to start a blog post with a concrete, practical situation that hopefully hooks the reader a bit. Then I follow up with some context, usually. Then I reflect on … something. Not always something to do with the first paragraph situation, but usually.

And then a conclusion of sorts, usually some uplifting view or perspective that I strive to maintain, although there might be a lot of other shit to think of.

I like this style.

I also like that I have now a firm idea of how I’m going to get actual readers in the future, namely by connecting with people who have made beautiful photos or pictures online which may serve as illustrations (if permitted) to select blog posts. People will see those back links to The Blog, also readers of the websites or blogs of the original artist.

It might not go very fast, it most definitely will not – but over time there will be hundreds and then thousands of back links and exposition on a similar number of other websites. And I will be able, as my traffic grows, to repay with traffic the other way – to the artists.

It’s funny, because it is so early and fragile yet – with only one picture (for the previous post) … but I feel sure that this is the way. I have for years, in fact, entertained this idea of some kind of big blog with the kind of material you see and read here, and then using that to connect with other artists, mainly photographers and painters and also musicians. Help each other make the works we do part of each other’s art and network.

But it seems like there hasn’t been an outlet to do this for me until now. But here it is – The Blog. And I look forward to finally getting started. This is a way of connecting, of marketing if you will, that I want to do – even if it doesn’t work and only bring a trickle of traffic for the next many years. This is something that I really feel soulful about, so to speak.

What else is there to say?

I guess only calling attention once again to the decision I made the other day that my past lives story idea should be part of my Shade of the Morning Sun-stories. It has already opened a lot of other story-ideas in me – it feels like there is so much coming to me right now, both stories with Carrie and that theme and other stories. I’m really glad I feel so clear about that. There already exists about 30 novellas in this ‘universe’. There is momentum. And it is easy to do more – at least when I get more time from baby and work come Spring 😉

Except of course on The Blog. It doesn’t matter if I succeed at work, with my family or with art. There is always something to tell. If I have not said this before, I will gladly say it again, because it is worth remembering.

It is not just about saying things, it is about sharing them. And giving something to others thereby. Something we all strive for deep down, I believe.

It is a blessing that this is possible in the day of the Internet, even if you fuck up most other things in your life.