375. Relaxed Discipline

Another ordinary workday on all fronts, so I felt it right to try to sum up how the hell I want to balance life and art – from now on.

Yeah, from now on …

This day. Not another day.

Well, I’ve tried for a few days with my new super-focused use of spare time (again – usually not more than an hour each day), and here’s the rhythm I have found to work so far:

During the day I can watch YouTube-videos but primarily on business matters, such as advice for WordPress freelancers.

After my usual work day ends – (which I try to realize at 4 PM, although as a freelancer that often slips, as you can imagine) – after that I watch primarily videos about art. For example, Jim Lee’s portfolio reviews.

Lee was pretty good in the early 1990’s when I still read a lot of comics, and he still … is good. Somewhat limited in scope of what he can draw, but what he can draw he draws damn well – which is cool super-heroes galore. 🙂

Anyway, that feels like the best rhythm.

And no BBBB – which means:

  • no Boners (porn)
  • no Battleships (any video or read in the irrational interest-category – be it fiction or non-fiction)
  • no Breaking News (endless rehashes of superficial or depressing events)
  • no Buzz (reading or watching random people’s musing about anything, important or not – usually less important).

That’s it. You may call me a monk now.

But seriously, as I have mused about before – if I only have so much real spare-time each day (no matter if I am home or if I work and then come home) … then what do I do with it?

And I don’t think it’s going to get better in years, with my challenges to earn money from my webdesign business and pay my bills, and with that little critter in the house.

So if I only have about that 1 hour, what do I do with it?

The answer is simple: I become a monk.

I don’t even use that time to do The Blog – I use work-time to do that, as I have mentioned in another post.

I have to use that hour to do something that rejuvenates me as far as is possible, but which also gets me somewhere. And the two fronts in life I desperately want to master are – art and income.

I want to earn a living and I want to do art again.

That’s what’s meaningful to me. So why do anything else?

Yeah, monk …

Anyway, it works. And that’s what’s important.

The rhythm seems to work, so I’ll check that as a victory. And as I have said in other cases, like work-hours on my business it is good to be disciplined here.

So I actually get time off. In my mind.

I don’t watch business-videos all day in my spare-time. I watch them until 4 PM.

Otherwise I’ll go crazy, even if it is relaxing to listen to a podcast about how to expand your WordPress business in 27 different ways. And inspiring. And maybe life-changing.

But discipline pays off. Even in relaxing.

Hit me about this again in 3 months and then in a year, and I will prove it with more than words.