376. Space Matters

Stayed at home and helped Char pack and did house and baby-stuff. Char is going south to her family, with Jay and a lot of stuff has to be ready for that sojourn. I also tried to cram in a little bit of business, but it kind of fizzled, so I let go of that … mostly.

In short: It wasn’t a smooth day, but I mostly made it work. And we got ready for Char and Jay going to her brother’s house for a week, a kind of X-mas thing and take care of nephew and niece-thing. We go to my parents’ during the actual X-mas so the balance is good there.

I will use the first couple of days here at home just to get to the bottom of laundry and then finally fix my office.

Had originally planned to finish my Alex Selkirk-talk, but that will not happen. There simply isn’t time and I haven’t sold it yet, so … I guess that is fine. Although it bites a little.

Also there’s end-of-year accounting, but I believe the deadline for submitting my VAT is in February – for the last quarter. So I’ll shoot that off to a day after new year as well.

Yeah, I remember … I wanted to finish that in 60 days. Or was it 30? Back in October? Well, life …

Okay. But I need full concentration to get laundry finished, to get X-mas presents finished, and to do that office. I have needed to finish ordering my boxes and stuff around my desk in the first room for SO long.

It’s become a rather important mission for me and this is the only chance to do it in peace and quiet for some time.

I have also bought new furniture but I’m not going to put stuff in it until I have sorted everything in the boxes and everything that is still lying around in piles or on the few shelves we have.

So complete focus there, once I get the ordinary house-stuff finished in the first day or two. (Believe me, we have a ridiculous amount of laundry!)

Complete focus.

It feels crazy to have to be so … puritan about what I spend 6 whole days on, without Char and Jay.

But I guess I have to be, in order to get Important Things Done.

No business, though. Everything in web is closed for X-mas, anyway. And I don’t have the time. So that was easy to decide. Although I have not dared look at my bank accounts lately … to check how far down the credit is.

Well, does it matter? As long as I know there is still credit.

Might as well concentrate on building something now. Help myself to a good work space that I can use, especially the days when Char and Jay are out for some visit or activity, like the baby-swim stuff.

So I don’t have to go to the library. Or a friend’s house – JMO’s house. He has said I can still borrow it, even if we are not that plagued with the workers upstairs. As long as I’m out when he comes around to work from home or for a meeting or something with his kids, home from school.

Fair enough. But this is the rebel base … my desk. And my mission to make those 3 square meters as perfect as possible, so I feel good and energized every time I sit down to work. There.

Be it on art in the 5-10 minute breaks I have on occasion when I am home with Char and Jay.

Be it on web design when I am home alone for a few hours.

Space matters. And how you organize it.

This space has been cluttered for too long. Due to all kinds of stuff.


God, I look forward to change that. To clear … everything.

Space matters.

It clears your mind, too.

Don’t believe it?

Try living in a dump and get things done. I dare you.