385. Right Frame of Mind

We were at my brother’s house on Christmas eve and Jay had a fit, and we almost went home – just us 3 – to my parents’ house, so he could rest.

So very close to X-mas meltdown there, but the little man has been thrown around a lot between different places to stay during the past weeks, and yesterday he had a long train ride to endure.

I was close to saying ‘yes, let’s drive’ but luckily we both gave it a little extra time. Jay calmed and we had a good evening all in all, and he was in a cheery mood quite often in the hours after that, until final bed time.

My mom was tired but okay.

My brother had come home from a 12-hour work day at 7 PM, driving people to hospital in an ambulance. He was tired, too, but for different reasons.

So all in all it was as it should be, or as we wanted it to be despite various tests, if we can put it that way.

But I think it always works out like that if you are minded for it.┬áNot in a ‘let’s-push-this-through-despite-everything’-frame of mind. More like a ‘let’s-take-it-easy-and-wait-and-see-and-give-each-other-some-room’-mind.

That’s good to remember, also on other evenings. Because it works.