392. Three Decisions about My Business Direction that Will Move

Not it is not new year’s evening. It is actually Jan 6, when this is being written.

You know the story by now: I have been swamped, or feeling like that recently, so therefore we travel back and take the time to do a series of list posts again. I figure they might do some good in giving me a chance to review and reflect deeper on where I have been and where I am going before that big sum-up in post no. 400.

Third up are some pertinent considerations in the category Entrepreneurship …

  1. It would heighten my motivation to find that type of product or other asset that I am motivated to create. If I can use that asset to give something to more than myself. That is always a good motivation for me.
  2. Family time is, after all, your most important asset in life, perhaps more important than money – at least in many situations.
  3. I guess I will just have to fall back on the time-tested entrepreneurial art-form of Doing Something and seeing where it goes. It is better than analysis-paralysis.

These are the three most important conclusions I already had at the closing of 2017  – about where I wanted to go with my business, and how. I’m glad to say that they helped me make a very good decision in the first week of January. That’s how I want it to be – to recall what I have concluded is right for me and to keep it firmly in mind, until that awareness moves me to a better place.

More on that later, though. There’s enough in that decision for a whole new post!

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