393. Four Things To Remember About Earning in 18

Usually I would have expected to start New Year with a post that summed up Nearly Everything and set out the direction for the, well, new year. At least that is what I wished for.

But as you know I have a backlog of posts and I have therefore decided to use the days until catch-up trying to zoom in on the most important conclusions from recent writings. So I guess that’s halfway there to my above mentioned wish 🙂

As already noted, I’m aiming for this exercise to sharpen my mind before the big sum-up and course-setting in post no. 400, which – I suppose – is where my fantasies for a humongous new year’s post should go anyway. So far so good.

So fourth up are some really, really pertinent considerations in the category of Income

    • No sense to sell out my sense of calm in the present and stress and try various ill-thought through activities to ‘insure’ I will earn more, in the future. No sense at all. Except follow a plan I already have about what to do, when to do it, and be calm when I don’t have the time to do it, because of babies, dishes and other life-things. But I did it fine. Today.
    • I suppose I should feel bereft, having spent such a long time struggling with this question about making money in better ways – only to end up realizing that I can’t solve it now and that I am definitely trying to solve it in a wrong way, a way that does not work and so I should stop. And wait. See what comes. That is the hardest part. But sometimes we have to.
    • Perhaps it is smarter to …  try to create that situation now, which I want, and then expand it gradually as best I can – like a pool spilling over into the areas outside of the pool … or something. Instead of pretending or imagining that I am in a desert thirsting and I have to try to reach a pool somewhere in the distance? I have to imagine I have a small pool now and focusing on making that grow and spill over.
    • But more often than not, for my own life at least, I’ve found that I need to balance passion, purpose and profit – not try to force it into one place or activity. One thing I do is what I am most passionate about, work-wise. Another contains the most purpose. Another the most profit. Each contain a little bit of the other, but they are separate. Will it change in the future? I want it to, honestly. But for now it seems like I have to strike a balance, and learn to strike it better every day. Like most other humans.

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