399. Maturing Ideas

So one of the dangerous things about allowing yourself more free time is not the potential income you will lose from not working hard enough. It is all the ideas you allow yourself to get, which might actually work, about how you could better make money in the future.

I feel a bit … sad about all the time I have used in posts last year describing my frustrations with my own business. I feel I’ve often repeated myself and gone around in circles.

Yes, part of the idea behind The Blog is to try to conclude something uplifting no matter what day-to-day situation you feel you are in, and then build on that and use it to increase your sense of inner strength and resources. The results are actually not that important. Not from day-to-day. The process is. How to get there.

Still, I do feel bad about some of the repetition last year, and much of the frustration and mistakes that were repeated, at least as I feel I remember it. I should probably go have a look at it all and see if it really is that bad …

In any case, the idea that has now come to me, about my business is something that feels motivating more than usual.

I don’t think I need to recount either my frustrations with trying to find a type of product for my webdesign business so I could earn more passive income, or at least more predictable, automated income – once everything was developed, tested and setup of course. Oh, and once I had some traffic. Which always seemed problematic, since I live in a small language corner of the world (English is not my native language).

But now I was thinking about building a new site with reviews of WordPress premium themes – in depth reviews. Mainly by video. But also some notes.

The reviews should contain some practical walk-throughs of the front-end and, if possible, back-end of themes. And then add, for spice, my own considerations about this particular business that a theme caters to.

That would sort of combine usefulness for potential customers and affiliates, creativity and aesthetics (talking about a certain theme and its design) and, last but not least, the deeper considerations about business and life projects and what to do to make it all come together – something that has always appealed to me to do.

I could start this one one once my self-chosen paternity leave is over, which would be early April when Jay starts daycare – if he has not already started.

I am tempted to combine it with blogging, since it is partially a good fit, but I see at least two problems in trying to create synergy:

  • The Blog would no longer be anonymous (yes, Christopher Marcus is a pen name) and therefore it would limit my choice of topics, esp. writing about relationships and writing about business (and people in it)
  • The Blog would be ever-so slightly drawn into a commercial funnel, i.e. I would automatically begin to look more for synergies between topics to blog about which could also be used commercially. I don’t wish to do that.

I just don’t see a way out of that.

But I also am not a very big fan of having to cannibalize more hours from what I expect to be a normal full-time week trying to get clients and working for clients in webdesign, come April.

And normally I take hours for blogging from those work-hours, usually for practical reasons: I am only able to have some peace of mind to blog when I am out of the house anyway!

These past days, after the decision to lay low business-wise for 2 months – I have taken a few hours here and there when Char was out with Jay for some activity or just a walk. Which is fine. I don’t need anymore.

Maybe the problem is that I don’t need another big project in my head to compete, once business starts for real again. I already have The Blog. And Hammer and Magic should rather not be a ‘project’ – but relaxation.

(For the same reason, I see now it was completely ridiculous of trying to go back to 500 words a day for non-fiction writing as I did for my Capables short novel before Jay’s birth. I can’t both say a project is about relaxing and about achieving a certain quantitative outcome each day!)

Char is going to her first job interview next week (first try after she started applying again). She is to be fundraiser for another humanitarian NGO, if she gets it.

Since I am already on the track of ditching old ideas about what I should or shouldn’t do to contribute to the family, at least in the short term where it isn’t a life or death-question how much I earn … well, maybe I should ask her if I could extend my leave and then build up the new website and only that.

Just a month or two.

But then I would have to make my case that it should be in synergy with my current business, although the latter is in my local language. But I guess I can cross post if I do the new posts on my business website with the WordPress theme review links and add some notes in my language and then refer to the main new site in English for the details.

The reason for making the main new site with the reviews in English is of course to make it scalable in time, with a view to get affiliates. And in order to get affiliates. I doubt I will have many theme authors work with me as affiliates for my native language group of clients, although I have had a few emails about it for the year I have been here.

I guess it is decided then. Now to let the decision mature for some months. That is always a good idea with these kinds of projects.

But not more.