41. Consolation

I just discovered that a good acquaintance of my had lost her partner. Massive stroke. Just like that.

We’ve only known each other through social media, so it could be easy to ignore or write something superficial.

I try not to. Life, and especially death, are not superficial.

One of the things I wrote to her, bears repeating.

It might be written for you one day:

For what it’s worth, when I’ve lost someone I often have a vivid dream or two of them relatively soon afterwards. Which is a great consolation, regardless of my general belief in ‘life after death’.
I know it sounds odd but a dream like that is more ‘tangible’ than any belief, more like an experience, even if you know you can never prove that it was.
Despite that big grey emptiness which I know must be filling pretty much everything right now and for the foreseeable time, I hope and have faith that whatever experiences you need to live through it will come. Subtly or vividly.