419. Cultivate Your Mind

Next up in my reviews of previous posts for my Guide about Inner Power … is this reflection …

From 137. Kingdom of the Soul:

Difficult clients don’t go away. The hole in my bank account doesn’t go away. Char’s birth is going to hurt her. But even though I am doing a reasonable job trying to shape my feelings about all of these life experiences in a more positive and constructive direction (without succumbing to unrealistic or ludicrous perspectives), I still feel it is not enough. I could do better. I could create a larger and sunnier ‘kingdom of the soul’. So that is what I am going to do. For the rest of my life.

I then go on to list some of those ways to improve my ‘kingdom’:

  • Meditating – quietening the mind

    • Training myself to think more slowly and stop negative thinking
    • Attention to all the important things I need to have in my life every day to feel fulfilled instead of just succumbing to routine or other peoples’ ‘urgent problems’
    • Attention to my feeling of a truer, deeper identity than the body and the social ID
    • Using music to create the experience of more meaning, more connection with the Divine – as I perceive ‘Divine’
    • Using my experience with cleansing these energy-centres in my body called chakras instead of neglecting that tool and living as if it is not possible or not important. I have good experiences with this. Why then pretend that it’s not important?
    • Remember to ask questions from the beings I perceive to be guiding me from some larger invisible world instead of pretending that such things aren’t worth it or even a bit shameful. If I have really big problems with this approach then just write a question on a piece of paper and leave it under my pillow and pretend it was my intuition that delivered the answer and not something metaphysical. But … just do it. Because I have done it before, and with good results.
    • Read about near-death-experiences or poetic texts like those of John O’Donohue, all of which has a deep resonance with me, and reminds me of the possibility that other worlds exist and that more beauty and connection with this world exists than I usually notice in my everyday routine
    • Remember that I have an arsenal of other methods, from reading Shakespeare to taking walks in nature, to make myself feel more uplifted – instead of just habitually escaping by eating and watching something on the net again
    • Remember that I actually taught myself special techniques for destroying negative thoughts, when I recovered 11 years ago from hospitalization in the psych ward and which I have since expanded upon every since. They work, so use them.

Of all of these points, I would say the last – making it habitual to detect and destroy negative thought patterns – is the most important. I know it sounds like internet guru course fluff, but it is true:

You have to be able to ‘clean up regularly’ in your mind if you want to achieve lasting happiness, despite the totally normal mood swings that is part and parcel of human life.

But bad habits in terms of how you think about yourself and the world (i.e. mostly negative) lead to more than just irregular mood swings, they lead directly to depression.

So … that is something I will have to look into more … in upcoming posts in this series. But to sum up, then, what I have researched and listed until now. These are the basics for a strong and sound mind, and hence – experience of life that is solidly rooted in your ability to create peace and happiness for yourself, despite many external events that conspire to bring you down:

  1. Acceptance that the first and best course to feel happy and at peace is to try to consciously change our experience of events – not events themselves. (Post 415.)
  2. Setting future goals that don’t give you stress in the present.  (Post 416.)
  3. Controlling what goes into your mind. (Post 417.)
  4. Controlling the manner in which you think. Or speed. (More on that in post 418.)
  5. And now this: Making it a habit to cultivate positive thought patterns.

Yup, that’s the list so far – of the conclusions about Inner Power that will go into my upcoming Mega Guide about this topic. And I know that last formulation was … clunky. But I will do better in future posts.

Oh, and all you need to know about why I do this project right now … can still be read here.

But I am beginning to feel it is a good outcome – a really good outcome – that I have been forced to start this Guide-project, with much repetition, instead of writing original reflection and diaries each day.

And that … is important to remember.