420. Do It Like This

I’m sitting here while Char and Jay is taking a nap in the other room, and I  am here and not out in the rain with the pram because … it is raining. We have all had colds this week – again – and Char and Jay are still bothered by their versions.

But so far all is quiet on most fronts. And as described here I’m still in a period where I am staying home to help and as a consequence don’t have more time, much less in fact. Or energy. Or … everything.

I have the deepest respect for single mothers. Always had, but now it is even greater. And for Char. Even if her health had been A-OK it would still have been … real heavy to take care of all things with Jay in tow, day in and day out, back home. And she wouldn’t have had time and energy.

Even with two of us we barely manage to clean and cook …

Anyway, so there was a bit of diary and a glimpse of life, even though I had thought I would not prioritize it. And I won’t – in a great many posts to come, because I need to make good use of those 5 minutes here and 30 minutes there, which I have to blog and maybe write a bit on Hammer and Magic. And maybe – just maybe – draw a bit, too …

So to sum up my reviews of previous posts for my upcoming Guide about Inner Power … so far I have these points for what it takes to create peace and happiness, first and foremost:

  1. Acceptance that the first and best course to feel happy and at peace is to try to consciously change our experience of events – not events themselves. (Post 415.)
  2. Setting future goals that don’t give you stress in the present.  (Post 416.)
  3. Controlling what goes into your mind. (Post 417.)
  4. Controlling the manner in which you think. Or speed. (More on that in post 418.)
  5. And: Making it a habit to cultivate positive thought patterns. (Post 419.)

Today I’d like to add an important reflection from this post …

207. Today I Felt Like I Didn’t Belong Anywhere:

When you feel more … alive … then you can go in and analyze if you are in the right place and where you are going. Don’t do that, when you feel down.

It basically boils down to timing of your effort to feel better. I suppose that only comes from experience, or mostly. But it is then more important to repeat and try to drill into my own mind, and maybe yours if you can use this advice:

Don’t try to re-plan your life or solve a major problem, if you are low on energy, physically and mentally … !

Get sleep first. Get food. Get a good walk. Watch a movie (but only one) … Talk to a friend whose company energizes you.

Do something like that – and then find a quiet time and spot to consider your options for new jobs, new relationship, new life purpose, new … Anything Important.

Do it. Like this.