431. It Is Time

Coaching today with a single client who I am so-so about but she is a regular and so I keep her, as per the agreement between Char and I about how much work to do. And, of course, because I do need the money –  I should not delude myself that I don’t, just because we are paying this month’s bills almost solely from Char’s inheritance. Otherwise house-and-baby-work and not much time. But in the time I do have there should of course be room for one other activity, aside from The Blog, art-bits for my Hammer and Magic-story or ‘constructive consuming media’ …

Connecting, of course.

I mean, I have prepped for this several times, as with other things I really wanted to do, but … now should be different.

Even with as little as an hour of free time per day, this is a very suitable activity to put into that hour, since it is motivating and relaxing, first and foremost. And in the long run it should do what I want to do – connect myself and The Blog to a wider audience.

By contributing to others. By commenting. By sharing.

I have some perfectly wonderful blogs lined up I can start with – or go back to.

My ideal is that this always has to be substantial, though – and that is difficult. But it must be kept in mind, firmly, regardless of circumstances.

If I ever want people to connect with me and share with me, in depth, how they gain from (or don’t gain from) the material I do – then I have to do the same for other people. There is no way around this.

And so I note this again, but knowing that it is a Good Choice for the time I do have to myself. Now, for the rest of the month, and later …

It is always a Good Choice to connect with others, online or off-line, if you do it with sincerity and heart. So there’ll be many benefits, besides – in time – finding people who can use The Blog for something.

And that is another consideration … I have speculated for some time now about finding new friends, or what I could do to deepen and strengthen the few friendships I do have. I want to do the latter, but with regard to finding new friends … I just dunno.

It seems increasingly difficult and time-consuming, so why not try to do it online. Can’t you have a good relation in these days where you can Skype with somebody on the other side of the globe – even if you never meet? Can’t you have a worthwhile relation, perhaps even a friendship that is worth as much, or almost as much, as with people you can meet physically?

Why not?

Yes, why not … It is time to do this more. And for this reason also.


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