438. Grateful

We went to the hospital today to get a sort of routine check on Jay and his body development – how things are with those cramped muscles that made him turn mostly right in the first months of his life, and made his head a bit skewed because of the uneven pressure.

Nothing new they could tell us except keep training with him to get that balance right in his body (and it is very close now). And keep his head away from the ground as much as possible, in daytime.

I guess I should not be surprised, about that message. But Char felt we had to go to the check to use that option, too – since it is offered for free in our public health system. And I do agree with her. But we got some new exercises for Jay I had not thought of before, and the physiotherapist was quite sympathetic.

At least now we have made some gains which we feel are visible, as regards helping his head grow more harmonically. With chiropractics. With craniosacral-therapy. 

And of course with the daily exercises or just – and mostly – attempts to keep his head off the ground. (It has helped that he has begun to crawl the previous weekend 🙂

I have taken photographs of the back of his head this pasts months some of the times he has been in the shower, and, as said, we both do feel that we can see change. Although sometimes we are also in doubt.

But overall I have a good feeling that his body – all of his body – is developing in the right direction, so to speak. And that this thing about the head is going to get even better.

I feel less anxious about it than just a month or two ago. But I guess the added pressures during these weeks, e.g. with regard to my mother’s cancer, work and moving in and out of our apartment – all that contributed to me and Char being more sensitive to what happened with Jay.

But when I really sit down and … take time to feel, I do feel that he is developing as he should. In this respect.

And … in all other respects he is a super-healthy and normal little boy. And I feel deeply, deeply grateful for that.

It is worth taking time to feel that.