439. Why Is The Blog Anonymous?

Not much worth shouting out about going on today, at least as far as I can see in my calendar (I am woefully behind with The Blog – this is written on 24 Feb!). So I might as well use this date to take time and space to say something about an aspect of The Blog that I have so far neglected: Why is it anonymous?

And … why so blatantly anonymous? I mean I could have written “Berlin” or “Prague” or “Boston” instead of “The City” or “The Capital City” when I describe where I live.

Well, as for this part the answer is easy: I do it because it is easy.

And it would not make any difference, would it?

I mean I could write that I lived in a city, say Boston, and then research it and all that. But it would be time-consuming and it doesn’t really matter.

Because it is so easy to disguise my identity online (relatively speaking) what matters is what you get from The Blog and that you know I have good reasons for being anonymous.

If it doesn’t matter that I write about an invented city I might as well write about “The City”, right?

And yes, “Christopher Marcus” is an alias.

I mean, it’s not supersecret or anything. I have mentioned my real name in other contexts online – with my alias. And somebody could conceivably dig that up. And it would be okay.

But in general I don’t make a big deal about who I really am for 3 main reasons:

(1) Anonymity protects my friends and family and myself.

Overall. And just because …First, you never know who is trolling online.

Second, and perhaps more to the point, I would like to be able to write about my customers and employers and experiences with them, without fear of reprisal.

I do try to be fair when I write about problems with, say, customers – and obviously I don’t mention their names. But if my real name was known widely, it would be relatively easy for those customers to guess – at least in theory – who I am.

And maybe that would piss them off and they would no longer be customers. Even if I felt I had treated them fairly in my blogging.

And then there would be less experiences to write about in the entrepreneur-ship part of The Blog. Simple as that.

(2) Anonymity allows me to be more honest with everything – both topics like religion and sex and relationships (it’s coming – don’t worry :-).

And for the benefit of you who read it.I really would like The Blog to be a sort of companion you can read and take something away from at different stages and in different situations in life.

And with all of life – which is connected. Not just work.

Or relationships. Or children. Or …

(3) Anonymity allows me – hopefully – to write something that is more appealing to a wider audience.

This last one is a bit theoretical, but I figure that if all you know and can guess about me is that I am a man of 40-ish and I live in the richer, English-speaking part of the world … then it might be easier for you to pull out bits and pieces from my life and apply to your own?

Experiences …. stuff that I do … and that has helped me.

You at least have one filter less, I suppose – like: “He lives in Boston – that is not relevant for me. I live in X.”

Okay, okay, this might be silly. But the first two reasons are the strongest and they alone are enough for me to continue to feel it is a good idea to have The Blog be anonymous.

Maybe somewhen down the line I will change my mind. But right now I can’t see why it is not a good idea for The Blog to be ano. I don’t have a problem with it. Quite the contrary.

And if you feel the same way, then you should get something out of The Blog.

And that is all I could wish for.