440. Makeshift

I just stayed home and helped take care of Jay and carry him around, since Char’s hand, unfortunately, has not gotten better overall since all of this started back in, I think, October or September.

She was seeing a specialty doctor the other day and got an injection with some hormone-or-other that would help reduce the inflammation.

We have also given up on trying to make Jay sleep in his own bed, so Char won’t have to lift him several times a night after feeding. (I have tried lifting him back in September, the first time we did this show of getting him to sleep in his own bed, but he awoke much more easily leading to a net reduction in sleep for all of us.)

Our relatively nicely decorated bed/children’s room which we finally got to look good after several months last spring has been, well, altered to suit the purpose – once again.

Since Jay is crawling around. So we have had to move the beds towards the wall and do some makeshift barriers on the other sides that are not towards the wall(s). That way, hopefully, he won’t fall out.

Sometimes you just have to do another makeshift solution if it is what works.