441. Stopping Infections

No earth-shattering changes from the status quo today, so why not take time to look into my note archives and focus on some topic of importance from my life in these past years?

Yeah, why not?

Here’s the first bit I found:

I’ve noticed that when there’s something big that stresses me (moving to a new apartment and family illness and career concerns), I inevitably end up stressing about many smaller things as well:

Should I draw more?

I should clean the house more, right?

What about that account balancing?

Don’t I need to do it soon? Etc.

And vice versa.

One level of stress spreads, a bit like rings in the water – or a virus, if you want to be more on-the-nose about it.

Stress is infectious

Yes, you can also stress your surroundings!

Ever tried working from an office where half of your colleagues are stressed? How did it affect your ability to be calm and concentrate and have faith in your ability to reach deadlines? Just askin’ …

Or a stressed spouse? Child? Dog? … whatever! Whoever!

And you stress them, too!

If that observation about stress still is true (and it is), it follows that we can and should do anything to stop stress. And that we can start anywhere. We may not be able to tackle the big stress factor right ahead, but then we can start by eliminating some smaller ones, like paying a bill that has been unpaid for a long time.

Just don’t use that as an excuse to add to stress and do 17 things at once!

Use that insight to starve stress. Perhaps it is even better to simply take the list of things ‘You have to do’ and really, really kill as many points on it as you feel is possible right away.

Even if they are small points. The relief will begin right away.


Read the reason for these types of posts here. It’s not the best, but it is good enough.