444. The Secret of Relaxation

I had some time to myself today, and I don’t even remember why. Char and Jay were with … some family? I can’t remember, but I can remember that I felt to … frozen to really put it to good use.

You know the feeling right? If you haven’t relaxed in days and all of a sudden somebody says “you know have 3 hours to relax – use them well” … then it takes time to wind down. If you ever make it. Like those stressed working people who use the first 2 weeks of a 3 week holiday to stress down.

But I do remember that once I realized that this was the problem I made an effort to say to myself: “Fine – I don’t care” and I just went out and bought some good food and reflected on the future of my life, very randomly. Whatever came to mind.

After a while I began to truly wind down. Unfortunately, I don’t remember if I did have some good reflections – or even conclusions. I don’t think anything really important was concluded, otherwise I would have remembered.

So perhaps the important part was just that I recognized that if I had to have a good experience here and now,  and feel more relaxed and refreshed when Jay and Char came back … well, then it was all about NOT demanding anything of myself. Just … relaxing.

Use the time I had available to relax to … relax. And not catch up with x, y and z.

Strange that such a simple truth can be so difficult to make a habit. But if you can you are indeed very powerful!