445. Does Prayer Work (In This Way)?

Maybe a particular prayer’s intention of alleviating a particular person’s suffering won’t go through … or maybe it won’t go through to its fullest extent, that is probably more likely.

There will be some kind of alleviation, if the person is ready, to for example sense help from The Higher – whatever it is, exactly.

Maybe someone is in hospital, suffering terribly, but have a few more moments of peace than otherwise, – because the prayer from a loved one assists in ‘knocking a hole’ in the otherwise very closed soul of this person.

But if that is not the case, then what happens to the energy sent out from the prayer? Is it wasted?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Perhaps each prayer makes a deposit in the ‘cosmic bank’ so there’s more grace to be used by others than there was before.

Its energy instead goes to someone who is ready to receive it.

And then there is some other energy available for the person who missed it this time around. Another deposit from … someone else.