445. Does Prayer Work (In This Way)?

Found this old bit – Big Bit, actually – in my note archives today, and I felt it would be worth publishing:

Perhaps each prayer makes a deposit in the ‘cosmic bank’ so there’s more grace to be used by others than there was before.

Thus each individual’s ability to pray unselfishly for others, or for one self (i.e. asking for stuff that does not hurt others), that ability sends out some kind of energy to the ‘cosmic pool of grace’, making it bigger – or at leas bigger here on Earth than it was before.

So maybe a particular prayer’s intention of alleviating a particular person’s suffering won’t go through … or maybe it won’t go through to its fullest extent, that is probably more likely.

There will be some kind of alleviation, if the person is ready, to for example sense help from higher dimensional beings.

Maybe someone is in hospital, suffering terribly, but have a few more moments of peace than otherwise, because the prayer from a loved one assists in ‘knocking a hole’ in the otherwise very closed soul of this person.

A person who believes herself to be alone and separate and who harbors all kinds of negative thoughts about other people:

There are the children who won’t visit me, the nurses who don’t do their jobs properly, the neighbor who just wants to throw garbage in my garden when I am away at hospital.

Needless to say, such a thought climate doesn’t invite to sensing the influx of some loving, caring energy from a nearby angel or whatever we should call these entities, some energy that would, like a sedative, make the suffering less intense perhaps or give hope for healing or both.

Perhaps prayer can function like a channel to transport that energy better, to give it a chance to come through.

Or perhaps even the goodwill inherent in prayer energy can be felt directly, as a kind of peacefulness overcoming one, as a child sensing the comforting presence of a mother or father, when it is in need.

However, the latter example is probably – again – not relevant for those who feel very separate, very angry, very physical.

So what does prayer do then?

If it can ‘knock a hole’ to the soul – even if it CAN do that – for healing and alleviation to pour through from ‘on high’ wouldn’t that just be possible, only when the angry hospitalized grandmother has learned – somehow – that not all people are out to ‘get her’?

When she has calmed? Or when … she has more empathy and understanding?

Well, I don’t believe so.

I believe the energy waits, until she is calm and receptive. She can’t be angry and defensive all the time.

Then the energy and goodwill sent off by the prayer finds some way to reach her, perhaps directly through her own mindfulness, when she sleeps and has an uplifting dream.

Perhaps indirectly, because it inspires a nurse to take a surprising a mount of extra time with this difficult patient, thus demonstrating that there is indeed more love and caring around her than the patient believes.

The hospital staff aren’t all uncaring, over-worked people who want to get this patient out in the cold as quickly as possible, to make room for a new patient.

Prayer is intelligent.

Its energy could wait for the right moment to be felt.

At least that’s what feels true, purely from personal experience, which is too deep and which I understand too little of to go into now. I can only explain what I feel.

Then perhaps I can argue for it later.


I also feel that if there is no way at this time that the positive energy of a prayer can reach and make a difference for a particular person, like the times when there’s no way a parent can reach a hysterical child and make their presence count … well, then the energy is, as said, added ‘to the pool’.

It waits for for somewhere else to go, to someone else. Perhaps the person it was intended for never gets it, because that person can’t receive it, as speculated above, because of that person’s mental state in general.

Or perhaps because, closely related, because of the karma-account of that person.

There is a reason, however unfathomable, that this person will suffer tremendously, perhaps dying in three days time at the hospital from bone cancer and nothing can be done about it – for this person. Until she is SAFE on the Other side.

One, albeit painful, experience richer.

Which has some deeper meaning in her own tapestry of life and which CAN be appreciated once it is clear that she has NOT died.

That there was indeed … salvation. But all the we can’t see – on This Side of the Veil. So where does our prayer energy go then? Is it lost? Is it even useful?

No, as said, I believe it is added to the cosmic bank account of good, grace-energy, which signifies that in general the human race has come one step, one small but important step, further towards feeling empathy and connectedness.

Because the energy WILL go somewhere – just to someone else who needs it, who is readier to receive it, who does not have some kind of immediate karma-experience in the pipeline blocking its effects, at least temporarily.

If we are all One, as so many say, it would be very poetic, wouldn’t it, if it functioned this way?

But does it? Or does it function in a similar way? Or is it just wishful thinking?

Like so many think a prayer really is … ?

(Read the reason for these types of posts here. It’s not the best, but it is good enough.)