447. Closing

I’ve closed comments for the foreseeable future. It just didn’t feel right to have comments fields when I don’t really have any traffic and when I apparently can’t prioritize enough – for a number of reasons – to comment on other people’s blogs.

Which, in theory, would give me comments in return.

It feels odd but I have to rethink both my attempts at reaching out and connecting and the whole comments-thing.

And I feel it is right to close comments down while I rethink my whole approach to connecting with other blogs and other people.

No super-rational reason, really, just the feeling I have to  … have some kind of ‘peace’ to think. Or hide maybe?

I dunno.

But sometimes you just need to pull the plugin something before you can go back out and build up again a big-whatever-it-is-you-want-to-build.

That time is now.

I know it won’t last forever, though, and that is a comfort.