448. Another Present Question

If you feel bad about how little you achieve in a day, then try to lower your expectations.

Not too much, just a little, until you feel better. Praise yourself for what you have achieved. Affirm that you will achieve more of what is truly important, just not today.

It sounds like hard work – this kind of control – and it is. But it is much harder on you to succumb to the allure of bashing yourself about all the things you can’t do in a given day and how problematic that is.

That is the result of expectations that have become toxic – blocks to actually realizing and achieving something because you spend too much time to worry about these expectations and why they are not fulfilled more.

In a future post I’ll look into what causes these expectations. Heck, since there are so many of them, it’ll probably be a lot of future posts! 🙂

Resolution for me – and you?