449. Think About Your Soul Often (Even If You Don’t Believe You Have One)

‘Soul’ is about connecting with ourselves and with the world – feeling – believing – experiencing – that …

– there is a place for us

– there is enough for us

– there is peace

– there is security

– there is sustenance

– joy

… all coming from within ourselves and our surroundings. In the combinations and quantities and qualities that we need.

If a metaphysical soul exists – a soul which survives after the body dies – an objective soul …

… then the most important question we can ask about this soul is:

Would it be driven by fear or love?

Yes, you can imagine it would be fear … they did that a lot in the Medieval (and still, in some places, of the modern world).

That means that your soul is still basically preoccupied with survival (usually the body’s problem). But it has to survive ‘Hell’ or some other threat that emerges if the soul doesn’t do x, y and z to satisfy some god or other.

It’s all about lacking something, as it was in physical life.

In this case, some call it salvation. It all depends on religion, if you have one.

But for me the very concept of the soul as Some Thing that survives the ultimate lack – meaning:

The expiry date of our body – that pushes me to look in another direction to define just what that soul is or could be.

And here’s the tricky part:

It doesn’t matter if your objective, metaphysical ‘Soul’ exists or not, and survives physical death or not, or what happens afterwards if it does.

What matters is thinking about your soul.

Despite all the looser spiritual world views you can subscribe to nowadays, and despite their more dogmatic religious equivalents, surprisingly little attention has, in my view, been given to just what a Soul Is.

And how it feels to think about it.

And what that thinking does to how you feel about … yourself.