47. My Power Today

If I remember correctly, there’s a saying  that ‘every thought counts’ or something to that effect.

That’s a figure of speech, I suppose.

But if I also remember correctly in this, according to at least some beliefs there’s some kind of collective consciousness in which all thoughts go or get, well, collected.

Then at some points they seep through, into the world as we know it and affect us.

Was that one explanation for Hitler’s charisma? Was it mass psychosis or – literally – a cloud of hateful thoughts that had built up over the years and which magnetically attracted people and wouldn’t let go?

All it took was one man to take advantage of them …

Hogwash, of course.

Unless, it’s not. I’m not sure we’ll ever know in our limited physical dimensional life-times.

But one thing we do know:

There IS a very real, very live, very physical way of keeping thoughts around, for a good long time, after you have let them out.

I’m talking about keeping thoughts on the Internet, of course.

The Internet is accessible to billions of people on the planet already. And more to come.

You might argue that whatever you let out on the Internet is a drop in the ocean. And it is, in a way.

But think about it this way … think about the totality of whatever you let out on the Internet, through a WHOLE life. Or just … 20 years. 30 years.

Sure, the Net will be different when you and I get older, but it will be there – trust me.

It will be there in some new incarnation.

And stuff we left on it years ago … it WILL be around.

And somebody WILL find it. And WILL be affected.

So what did you leave around?

Was it lots of cat-videos you liked?

Was it arguing about this or that because you thought the others were idiots?

Was it calling the other guys Really Nasty Stuff because you thought they were Idiots Who Deserved It?

Was it just stuff that wasn’t really that important, like pictures of your food? Your clothes?

Is it inconceivable that some super-intelligent computer in 2116 could find my old Facebook-entries?

If I live 40 more years and write something idiotic, uncaring or non-essential every day on the Internet then that will be over 14000 pieces of stupitidy, negativity or just noise. Added to the net.

Think about that. Just for a sec.

I did. About a year ago, when I originally wrote the first draft of this post, which I felt like sharing again today.

Because I was feeling a little down about my own significance in the world.

A very egoic thing to do, but hey – I’m only human.

Well, I remembered that back when I first wrote about this topic, I was stunned.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything else for a good long while, when it dawned on me:

For the first time in history almost everybody who can read and write and who have access to a computer or phone

… almost everyone …

– can affect everyone else with their shit!

Or with the opposite of shit.

What if, I thought – what if I dedicated just 10 minutes every day to find a blog or a forum or some social media and post something uplifting.

A thought. A picture. A piece of advice?

In 40 years that would be over 14000 pieces of uplifting stuff – out there on the Internet, for god-knows-how-many-people to read.

Do you think even Nelson Mandela could affect so many people with his positive vibes? Or Lincoln?

Or …

It FREAKS me out to think about this.

ALL THAT POWER – vested in us.

In me.

To affect other people. All because of the communications and IT revolution!!!

But what do we use it for?

Why don’t we use it more?

Do we really believe our words don’t matter? Or LACK of words?

Do we really believe nobody is going to find our shit on the net 5 years from now? Or 10?

I routinely find posts in social forums or on social media over 5 years old if I search for info on a specific topic.

Not all of these posts are … helpful.

And it’s not just posts about controversial topics, like politics or religion.

Sometimes people just … pollute … even the most innocent social forum – one where you discuss some book or how to fix a car or a computer.

And what if they keep doing it? What if it’s a habit? An addiction?

It’s no longer thoughts that stay inside your head.

It’s no longer words that affect 1 person and then die forever, and only hurt 1 person – until you hurt the next person with similar words.

It’s words that stay – in the Internet’s collective consciousness – for years, and years, and year, and YEARS – and may get read by thousands if not millions of people.

It’s power.

It’s your damn power.

It’s my power.

This blog is what I’m trying to use it for.

What are you using your power for?