471. Choose

I made a Joan of Arc podcast.

On a day when I was still reeling from having to ‘clean up’ a website job for a customer that hadn’t exactly gone according to plan. Then I looked at the clock: Two hours left before having to pick up Jay from daycare.

I felt numb, unable to find out how to Quickly Do All The Personal Things I Had Been Missing Out On Doing these past weeks, and which I had looked forward to getting started on yesterday! (Say … blogging catchup.)

And yes, yesterday was when the website-bomb hit. I thought I had delivered it and everything worked perfectly and it … didn’t. And there are still some issues that will take time to figure out.

Anyway, with just two hours it was paramount for me to avoid analysis-paralysis and get something done that was of value to me personally, egoistically if you will.

But what?

I had a huge back log – with blogging, with writing, with friends, with drawing, with … everything. Or so I felt.

So I made a quick decision and made another video about Joan of Arc. And blogged about it.

To once again remind myself that if I find myself in such a situation the best solution is not to try to sit down and analyse what is most important and then use 1 hour to do that and then have one hour left to do it.

The best course is just to choose.

And do it.

And choose something I know will give me positive energy.

So there it is once again. It’s Joan of Arc.

But it could have been other things.

What is it for you?