481. First Time In A Long Time

Alone home, so I took the time to make a cover for Hammer & Magic. Propaganda-poster-like-ish. The best I could do with a few hours and half a bottle of white wine.

You know the real best here is that I don’t feel stressed about this any longer. I do one bit every day on The Blog, which may or may not be a creative project-related thing. And that is it.

I accept if it fails again. I accept that the majority of my life is going to be about earning money and taking care of my family. For the foreseeable time.

I prioritize during the day to draw if I am home and have a break, and I am not going to be online because why the hell would I need to check Facebook for the 7th time? Really? Why the hell?!

So I haven’t this evening either. But that is an aside.

What matters is that I have a feeling of true strength. For the first time in a long time.