490. The Experience Is First

As I grow older and continually try to fix my life to become more happier overall, it looks to me more and more like the key to winning this ‘game’ is to focus only on one single day at a time.

Sure, you should have goals and all but my point is this:

If you primarily focus on coming out of each day with the best experience, all things accounted for, you allow yourself to become happier overall – over the course of an entire life.

It can be described as a kind of ‘happiness math’, a term I once used when I first tried to write about this on some other blog.

If you focus on trying to create and appreciate all kinds of good experiences during the day, like …

– be with your children/appreciate being with your children

– doing fitness/appreciating your fitness

– be with your spouse quality time/appreciate your spouse

– appreciate the money and stuff you do have (many people today have a lot more than people in the past could dream of!)

– and so on …

Then your overall life experience each day will be the max positive, and over an entire life, too.

Opposed to focus on the most important lack right now – like a job or a spouse – and then obsess about it until you may finally get it. Then when you have that dream job or spouse or whatever you move the goal post and begin to look for other lacks and obsess about them until you may – or may not – have them.

And forget to appreciate what you have and even experience it (often two sides of the same coin)!

Needless to say, I’m writing this because I have followed ‘strategy’ no. 2 for years and with poor results to say the least.

So now I absolutely will change.

Goals and physical conditions and all sorts of other stuff are important, yes, but … the entirety of my experience of life is the most important. And that, I can actually control.