496. Mindfillness

I wanted so badly to watch television this weekend while I did the dishes. Anything to get buzz in my head and relax while I had some ‘free’ time, not taking care of Jay.

But I did not.

I promised myself that, aside from emergencies and The Blog, home-time is without Internet.

Yeah, I check my mail in the mornings and the headlines before Jay gets up and that’s it – on Saturdays and Sundays.

Weekdays I check whatever I like while I work and then go home and shut down completely that line to ‘on’.

So no TV, just dishes.

And time to think about how to make it all work – income, relationships, art, life.

Especially art and life.

If I want to make any headway here before there is no more time left I have to be a bloody puritan with regard to net or any other kind of buzz that I once made a habit of filling my mind with.

I want to fill it with the life I want to create.