507. Reconnecting

I have for some time now been dabbling with an English/international website for my WordPress consultancy business (a new-ish term, I’m sometimes not really sure what to call myself … ).

Okay, so screw it.

I bought the domain name and figured I’d do a rough version in English of WordPress theme reviews, and then a more compressed version in my local language. Then just put it out there and link back to it and hope to collect a few international prospects who might want me to help set up their site with that theme.

Sort of like making the best use of work I have to do anyways: rehearse my video/talks about webdesign and WordPress for my local language YouTube-channel and company website.

But it’s sort of half-assessed.

And I don’t like it.

So screw it.

I stay local.

And I blog internationally.

But I miss the community and learning from being together with other WordPress implementers, consultants, developers and whatever else we like to call ourselves.

And there’s not much local community.

So I will do more focused blog-post-series here about being in business as a WP consultant and then … just that.

Then just that and move to other sites and blogs and comment and backlink. And maybe get to know people.

I’ve tried – really tried – to find people I like to follow on blogs and social media amongst the gazillion options out there, but I … think at the end of the day I need to stop following them.

Or perhaps focus on people who are in the same business as me.

Or perhaps focus most on such people.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

I mean, I do like intelligent and wise and spiritually sensitive people like David V Stewart or Quintus Curtius or Oriah Mountaindreamer.

And many more with less well-known blogs etc.

But I do miss the feeling of connecting with people whom I’ve got a daily life in common with, at least on the business side.

And more than I do in my local language where options, as mentioned, are few and far between. Or so they seem to me. (I might get wiser. I hope I do.)

I guess it’s just going to have to be like The Blog – it’s going to have to be as broad a set of connections as possible that I try to have, and not just few and focused – even if I do like intelligent and wise and and culturally educated and other-lofty-adjective people.

WordPress consultants can be all of that, of course. But it’s not what they communicate about online, mostly.

It’s either about the technical stuff for the business stuff, or maybe – for some – about business and life-stuff.

I’d like to be part of the latter. And, of course, also everything else. Discuss Ulysses Grant. Or quantum mechanics. Or parenting.

The Blog is supposed to be about All of It.

So I wonder why I have kept out this, more concrete part of my business life so far?

I have talked in general about entrepreneurship and my webdesign business. I have not really tried to connect in English with other WordPressers out there.

I’m not going to blog about all the technical stuff or guides or anything. And I’m not going to comment much about colleagues’ blogs about that.

But there are other colleagues/competitors who have great blogs of a more general nature about the business and about life and the business.

I’m going to find them.

And connect with them, too.

Perhaps that is what I need to get more of this connection stuff going.

I think I will open comments fields again.

Hey – that is a good sign! 🙂