527. Affirmations and Being Present

I have begun using affirmations a lot recently, for example to stay focused on earning money and not

  • being afraid of not earning money
  • shameful that I have not earned money
  • regretting that I have not taken certain opportunities to earn money
  • bitching about others earning truckloads of money (‘surely, they must be corrupt’)

I was thinking the other day about affirmations, which I have experimented with for years on and off. But one question never surfaced until now:

With my commitment to live each day in the present and build the best Experience I can (focusing on all kinds of good moments that day) … doesn’t affirmations go contrary to that?

Especially if they are about goals?

Well, for one thing a goal like earning money I have not affirmed in a long time in other ways than … present.

Like: “Money is flowing to me [from … ]”.

I do it to get a sense for what it would feel like in the presence and keep excited and hopeful about that present coming. Not trying to convince myself it is true.

Not saying “has flowed” or “is here”.

The formulation “is flowing” is good because it affirms something is happening in the present (or specifically: that you want it to) but it is okay if you are not seeing it right now. Maybe you will later. That’s the expectation that is building and which is empowering. Instead of fear, shame, regret, worry, etc.

So just trying to feel it to stay focused.

And I always try to do so with the present in mind, like saying “is flowing” instead of “will flow” or “has flowed” or “is here” or some such.

Don’t say stuff to yourself that will make your mind struggle, get it to ask questions like “is this really true?”

Of course it is not. That is the point of using affirmations.

But back to the other point: Do affirmations conflict with the ideal to stay mindful in the present, what I call to build “The Experience”?

It depends, I guess.

If you do affirmations formulated like the one above (“is xxx”) I don’t think so.

But the manner in which you do them is also important.

If you do them in the way you would use one of those de-stress balls you can squeeze, I don’t think they will hurt your experience of the present.

Depending on what the affirmations are about, they will more likely tend to keep out stressful thoughts about, say, money – which would otherwise conflict with your attempts to enjoy the present!

But of course if you use a different set of words, and if you struggle and strain while saying the affirmations … then all bets are off.

And this may vary a whole lot. Depending on who you are and how your mind is put together.

But I dare say this is a method that will probably work quite well for many. Because we are not that different.