529. Writing Product vs. Writing Process

Yeah, I know, the finished products are how we keep score in the indie world. We just finished a pop-up workshop called “The Game” where productivity is a major factor of success.

But the key is how to get to the productivity? How do you get to those discoverability points of twenty or thirty novels?

The key is what I have been talking about this last week in posts.

How? How has a person like me become one of the most productive writers working if I don’t care about the final product?

Simple, I care and love the process of creating that product. I do the best I can when I am writing every time. I never write sloppy, I honor my creative voice, I write one draft clean and I keep hungry to learn. So when I reach the end of a story or novel, both me and the creative voice are done with the story.

So to me the creative process, the writing of the story or book, is the fun part, the part I desire. I love the process. So I want to do more of it and thus I end up being very productive.

I play one story at a time, story after story after story.

People like me are writers. Writers are people who write.

People who say they hate writing but love having written are authors, not writers. And they tend to vanish after a few years.

Dean Wesley Smith

Too me a long time to figure this out. But the man is so damn right. Again …