537. Not the Law of Brainwashing

Days are pretty uncertain right now as regards anything money, but I have been offered a low-paid service job which will prop things up over summer. And allow me to meaningfully contribute to the household in a period where there will be even less business than in spring.

That’s not the point, though.

The point is that I do feel the affirmations work, telling myself ad nauseam: “money is flowing to me from the divine source” [insert your interpretation of “divine].

Not because I have a bit more money coming online soon, all things considered.

But because I feel more certain that some will come.

Obviously, I can’t prove that it will come until it comes. Or not.

But the feeling of more certainty is an asset, even if it can’t be verified, as said, until it is actually, well, verified.

Or rather: affirmed.

For I have not specified an amount, but obviously if my income keeps increasing and by means of some work that is at least moderately acceptable (or business), then something positive is happening.

Which may just be the result of my efforts.

So why affirm that money is coming if it can never be proved that this New Thought-ish tool to create your own reality works – not conclusively anyway? If it could have been all kinds of other things going on?

Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I do it because it makes me feel better, more assured.

And therefore more energetic towards creating solutions, instead of giving in to despair.

Maybe that is self-fulfilling psychology, then, and not so much about subtle energies going out into the universe and attracting like energies (which I do believe has something going for it).

But hell, if it does something positive for me then that is reason enough to continue.

People who don’t do affirmations about money either have enough money, or too little self-confidence to experiment with a world-view that might get them labelled as cranks.

Either way, who cares.

I’m just saying it works for me. Now. In this way.

And I am sharing it so it can work for others, if they want.

There may be a ‘Law of Attraction’, but certainly no Law of Forced Brainwashing to my Silly Worldviews!