543. Outer Space

It seems to be a perpetual challenge to find a good work space, when you can’t afford to rent an office or even a co-worker space (which doesn’t work for me anyway).

In our 2-room apartment the work desk is in a corner of a room of about 20 sq meters – also used for eating, playing, watching telly, books and a couch. Oh, and the shelf with the printer.

There is a local library which is kind of okay, except that the work places there are very limited and you never know when some group of school kids are going to show up.

Then there are the cafes nearby, of course, but they are not that comfortable and it costs money to sit there, so not a first choice.

Royal Library I used a lot, but it takes time to get there, and money to stay there if you want to eat. And crowded – especially up to exams.

I can prep a lunch box from home but it is not always we have time to shop properly, or we shop and don’t get it planned well enough because of 2 million other distractions.

So … it is doable, but far from optimal. And it drains energy from my ability to work. Not on all days, but on many.

I’m not really sure what to do except ride it out, I guess.

I have some temp work during summer (manual stuff), and not many customers – if any at all – anyway.

Then autumn comes around and hopefully new customers and less manual work. Hopefully Char will have a steady job by then, and I can stay at home to work.

Then we just need to find some kind of chaos-control solution for said home, so I don’t have to spend an hour getting everything cleaned up before I can start working.

Or maybe I just have to spend that hour at another time, because the mess seems to be a permanent feature of 3 people (including one 1-year old) and too little space, relatively speaking. And too little time. And energy.

So I guess I can’t change ‘outer space’ all that much. But I have to keep trying. Chip away a little here and there of the obstacles.

There really is no other choice. As always.