545. Waiting For

So Char has had two really good job interviews with this health NGO she is to raise funds for, and now we are waiting for their reply.

Which “likely” will come Wednesday. (Which is the day I am writing this post.)

And all sorts of thoughts pop up, of course. Especially after a really hard week that didn’t leave much energy for much else.

And I have two hours before going off to temp work. And I still need to figure out what to pack, get something to eat and whether or not I can write a little bit more. I really want to get back to the story …

Well, I guess fear is natural. Fear that it will all fall apart at the last minute.

It would really be a great help, and steady a lot of things, if one of us got a steady, high-paid job – after years of uncertainty here. And now with Jay along.

So of course there is fear it won’t come anyway. Or ever.

But … perhaps that fear just has to be accepted. Lived with.

I mean, I can write all sorts of good things about how we are just going to press on if things don’t turn out as we hope.

But before that … how about just accepting the fear instead of fighting it?

It is not easy. But I will try. I think it actually helps.