546. The Screw

Day is iffy, and this written with two days’ delay because of that iffy-ness – and many other things.

But suffice to say: There is this scenario, just like many other mornings, where I have some time before going to temp work, but … my mind feels overstretched.

So: Too drained to really concentrate. And too stressed, I guess, by the thought of having to press as much value out of limited time for the nth time.

I do, however, manage. Sort of.

I took a walk, bought some coffee and a sandwich. (Stupid expense, I know, but things tend to slip when things are … as they are.)

I went home and luckily there wasn’t much work-noise from the janitor cutting the grass anymore. He was almost finished. That had gotten on my nerves and made me take that walk in the first place.

Then I blogged a bit, about how I felt about it all. Got something done.

Then I did a little housework … there is this single screw in Jay’s bed that we need to fix to keep the side firmly fixed and not just 90 percent fixed. Safety issue. We have skipped it for a long time.

But now I fixed that.

And I do feel a bit better, even if I still feel rotten and likely won’t get blogging or writing or drawing or done some business before I am off.

Unless I will. For I do feel a little more able to concentrate now that I fixed this small thing.

Like I have observed many times before – it helps to do small stuff, get the environment in order. Then the mind gets in order, too. Ever so slowly.

Of course, as I have also written recently, there is a more permanent problem with office space here, but this way of handling things still work.

So I think I will go do the dishes now. That may eat more time, but at least it will free more energy. In my head, I think.

So whatever time is left I might be able to use better, before off to work.