551. Root, Stem and Branch

It is good to have known someone for over 30 years and forged a friendship during those 3+ decades.

It is something far more than good – it is irreplaceable.

Such friendships can be so deep that they just outrank 5 or more friendships, in other cases. Maybe 10 …

The problem is, of course, that nothing is perfect.

A friendship can have a strong root but the rest of the tree can still have grown into a thinner and thinner stem, with fewer and fewer branches.

Many reasons: Living far apart …

No immediate reason to be together, like jobs …

Other concerns, like sick parents … family …

Big fat careers and a natural propensity to attract a huge network because you are nice fantastic person …

And that network doesn’t just give energy but uses it, and maybe you aren’t always sharp about whom you should allow to use it or not because of a zillion other things.


Doesn’t really matter. The result is the same: Strong root, thinner stem and even thinner branches.

Not the worst.

I’d hate a strong stem but a week root. Been there, done that.

But I miss both root and stem strength.

I really do.

My newest idea for scaling my business involves a community of idealistic people who do webshops, and a way to support them – whether they sell fair trade products, creativity to enlighten the world or something bio.

In other words, change makers.

I miss them, too.

People who really are into it.

Like Char.

But as friends, as part of larger network even.

Whatever the case, I do miss them.

Maybe it is a bad idea to have such … additional aspirations for a commercial activity: That it will also, in time, give me new friendships with both depth and breadth.

Maybe, but I have to start somewhere.

This part of my life, has been neglected for years … too. And I don’t want to weaken the root of another friendship, what is indeed there, by musing about what it is not, higher up so to speak.

I want to create what I need.

In fact, I want a few friends with root and stem and branch.

Maybe not as strong as that 30 year-friendship. It is probably not possible until … well, 30 years later.

And I can do with less.

I just need more of it.