552. The Glowing

I have wondered recently if I should have as a top project (besides The Blog) to actually make an income from drawing and doing various online stuff about it.

Like live-streams, educational videos, philosophical or technical blog posts about the process, and so on.

And of course, in years’ time, I’ll end up with some graphic novels. And during that time I can do some commissions, illustrations, merchandise and so on.

Like Jason Brubaker. Or … other artists who do stuff online, aside from just drawing comics or other things. And make an income.

Just a thought, with a lot – a LOT – of inherent problems, given my history.

But the flame inside me that wants to draw more is glowing again, I can feel it.

I thought it would never do so. I thought I had found a shelf for it in me and left it there.

But now it is glowing.

I should be frustrated, because I don’t want more change in priorities. I want steady priorities and as steady an environment as possible and the built something – finally – before I die. Time is passing …

On the other hand, maybe this is also a blessing. It sure feels like a very bright light.

So despite all the mess it makes of my carefully set course over this past half year … well, there it is.

And I will have to explore it and decide where it should lead me.

For it is a strong light.