553. What We Feel About Trump

I’m from Denmark and only a small minority here really resonates with Trump. Most people were horrified by Bush, you know … so Trump is really regarded here as someone pretty high up on the douche bag scale, perhaps even above it.

I think, though, that I speak for most Danes when I say that of course we ‘get’ that not all Americans like Trump. It baffles many, including me, why there is such a hardcore element of the US population which is ‘fact resistant’ and just loves Trump no matter what he does. (And it is a cause of great concern for me personally.)

But otherwise I like to think that many of us are just sad that it has come to this in the US, not in the least because of the (to me) deeply dysfunctional electorate college system. If that had not existed all of Putin’s gimmicks would never have resulted in more than a few FBI-reports.

Hopefully the Trump experience (or whatever you wanna term it) can lead to some change of lasting value, like parts of Trump’s base finally getting that it is not helpful to them or anyone else to be absurdly uncritical of such a flawed candidate. Or parts of the the anti-Trump voter segments finally getting that if they want to avoid another Trump they might want to concern themselves more with how people who wanted for Trump think and feel and what their problems are. In sum: less polarization in US society and not more.

Currently, that looks like a very fragile hope as far as I can see, but I’m keeping it up anyway. What else is there to do?