584. First Reason Why I Started Drawing (Seriously) Again

For a few months now I have now been drawing a combined script and breakdowns (my patent method) for a graphic novel about Aphra Behn, that odd spy-explorer-libertine-playwright woman of the 17th century – just begging for a movie of her own.

I don’t do movies, so graphic novels will have to suffice.

I haven’t done those, either, though – not since 1993 or thereabouts, when I did an amateur Star Wars comic with some old friends who are now mostly long gone.

I have tried several times to revive my drawing, also within recent two years, as you faithful Putin bots who follow The Blog surely must know – but to little avail.

And yet this project seems to be progressing, slowly, but surely. I have done 8 pages already which is positively light speed for me given that I can only do about half an hour each morning when I finally get up and before the rest of the house gets up. Otherwise: work to earn and work to take care – of Jay, and the ‘castle’ and all the rest.

I feel confident now that I will finish this visual script, for lack of better terms, within this year and then I can do the actual pencils next year and then finish up in a few more years’ time which is absolutely positively perfect for me.?

But why does it seem to be working for me now – drawing again?

I don’t want to jinx it so perhaps I shouldn’t blog about it. Perhaps I should keep it secret.

On the other hand: It is such a … quickening that I feel it is almost impossible not to talk about. It really means much to me.

And perhaps – even if I falter a time or two again along this road – my observations of what caused this shift can be of help to others who are stuck with drawing, and not getting it done.

Maybe not the Putin bots, but I know you are out there – you who want to do this, like me.

And hereby I will note the first and perhaps most important reason why I started again, and why it seems to be taking hold:

It was time.

I had felt an inner drive to do it for a long time, and this drive – for reasons that will probably always elude me at their deepest level – it was not present until recently.

“Drive” is the wrong word, actually.

“A glowing” is more like it – like a flare getting stronger and stronger.

And that is worth noting.