59. Bypassing

I was just about to write an angry comment to some idiot.

Yes, on Facebook – where else?

The idiot wrote in a Facebook-group for a national TV-radio programme about politics that he “didn’t care about Somali refugees because they were not [our] countrymen”.

He then wrote that Somalis should not stay in our country because they were not us.

Like: ‘Not allowed to stay in the US because you are not an American.’

I was just about to write “I don’t care about you either, asshole” or something like that.

That kind of un-caring really pisses me off.

But … without excusing him, there’s got to be a deeper reason. Nature and nurture in some inscrutable combination.

Nobody decides to be un-caring (and has a public need to say so), just because. I don’t buy that.

And it doesn’t help to tell idiots that they are idiots.

Or more to the point: Nobody ever stopped being un-caring assholes because they were told they were being un-caring assholes, in more or less roundabout terms.

But some people are also very far out of reach, perhaps not worth the effort, really. Not in the grander scheme of things.

If I want more people to care about what I care about, I have to find positive reasons and share those. With as many people as it makes sense. People who might be on the verge of sharing my views, who might be open – or at least not totally closed.

The totally closed ones will have to be bypassed. Not forever, but for now.