600. Looking Back (vi)

I set myself free almost half a year ago to do The Blog, including these posts, as I bloody hell liked – not after some fixed formula.

And there really is not that much to catch up on or make a resume of. Definitely not to the degree I did before, like here.

So the brief and sharp overview – since April 18:

I am working temp and looking for steady temp jobs that are tolerable. I want to use the remaining time for two things:

– Grow my customer network for my webdesign bizz via content marketing (i.e. blogging) primarily, but not solely

– Get into the habit of building a new best-heart business and project in the The Lines, mainly via doing YouTube videos while I draw and talk about life and storytelling and everything in between.

There really is no alternative. I have no more capital. I am in debt. I have a son. I can’t just take out another six months to try this my nth attempt at building a better heart-business (and I don’t mean the webdesign business). I have to do that – say – 1 hour a day, at most.

Again and again, for days on end. Hope it holds. Hope it works. Meanwhile working in all the ways that give money here and now to pay bills and debt service.

If there is an alternative to this path I have not found it, but it has certain benefits. As I have realized over the summer.

While I have a normal life – not a life on some mountain peak somewhere – on a mountain made of money – then I can actually talk about how to deal with stuff that most people deal with:

Work/life balance.

Debt and money.

Kids and family.



Ideals and career.

And much more.

That’s what I blog about. That’s what I want to talk about also, while I do The Lines, and find inspiration in those historical persons, whom I draw.

And share that.

That’s from a guy who is in it – not someone who ‘transcended scarcity long ago’. That’s advice about how to keep it together and keep up hope While You Are In It.

That is leading from the front.

And that is the best I can say about what I have realized these past months, although much more has happened. But I will tell you about that in many of the smaller posts – about Jay, Char, family, and so on.

And The Lines.