607. I Still Take Notes

I have had a little black book in which I note strange dreams, such as this one.

I had stopped using it. In fact, I had asked … something … in me not to give me anymore of those particular dreams, because I could not make sense of them.

Or maybe I could, deep down, but was afraid to make the inevitable conclusion. Which is … not easy to wrap your 3D-mind around.

In any case the woman from the dream mentioned above did appear once more in early July – in my dreams.

Well, she appeared a few times, too, since I said ‘stop it’. And I duly did not note those times in my book. And the frequency of such dreams came down to almost 0.

Fine enough.

But here she was again in early July.

I was a high school party, and an old teacher was there – someone we both knew. He was getting somewhat annoying. Not as annoying as the old days, but still …

But then she came around and sort of picked me up and ‘rescued me’ from this situation.

Then we went out from the party, maybe down the hallway of the high school. I had somehow gotten chocolate smeared on my face and had to go the bathroom to get it washed off.

Last thing I seem to¬† remember is that we were back in the office room (and dining room and bed room for me) of this apartment where we now live in 2018, and the woman went through the door into the other bed room (and children’s room) – our second room in the apartment.

She went through that door, and then I woke up, because Jay woke up and began making sounds.

I can’t find the black book, although I aim to. When I do find it, I will note this dream.

Even though it does not make any sense, I feel that I like it somehow. There was something playful about it – and about the woman, whom I have not seen – aside from one occasion – in 25 years now.

Not until now, that is.


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