608. Pick One

What If You Constantly Get Distracted by … new, great ideas – before you have implemented the ones you were working on? How do you choose?

I have a friend who says he has a lot of ideas continuously but he has not acted on any of them for years. I have been myself in this situation often.

My best advice is to … act. Pick one.

At random if you have to. Once you start you will soon find out if there is enough ‘juice’ in the idea to run with it. Maybe you didn’t like it enough anyway.

Maybe you did not have the discipline to write that particular piece. Or maybe you find out this is feeling so good that you can easily have all the other ideas wait until you finish realizing this one.

You only know once you muster the courage to start realizing one of the many ideas – if it is worth finishing. You only know if you try making it real – if it is worth making it real. So in my experience this ‘paralysis’ come from a lack of action.

You believe your other ideas have merit and that they should sidetrack your ‘first’ big idea. But if you are really working hard to realize one idea, you are also committed to it and putting energy into it, and if it has true merit, you will easily be able to keep the other ideas waiting. It will feel good to know there is something afterwards – some more ideas to implement.

It will feel better and more attractive than any distraction.

That is my take on this problem – which I have experienced more times than I care to think about!


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