64. Summer is Coming

I just read about something new and awful Trump has been doing and saying, Gawd help me. I know it won’t help one bit, reading about all his BS.

What I know will help a bit, though, is remembering that I was born the same summer that was to be President Nixon’s last in the White House before Watergate forced him to resign.

My son is going to be born this summer, so who knows – maybe history will repeat itself. ­čÖé

Even if it doesn’t, it’s good to be reminded – from recent news stories – that there is still a strong tradition for upholding a rule of law in the US. Political decisions can’t just be ‘done’ without resistance from the courts, if they are seen to be violating the constitution and other rights, previously enshrined in law.

Decisions such as Trump’s travel ban against Muslims. (And I expect more to follow … )

You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about what motivates the average Trump voter, if there is such a person.

I do have a sense more and more that┬áTrump himself is desperate – pathetically desperate – to have other people’s respect, even if he does all the wrong things to get them.

I mean, he constantly tries to rewrite reality through his tweets to come off as a winner or as the unjustly wronged party.

He never admits mistakes. Never.

He never sees any other people’s POV but his own. Never.

And so, it would seem, is the way many of his supporters view the world.

That’s what’s both sad, dangerous and pathetic at the same time.


We’re all guilty of tunnel-vision to some degree, but degree is the operative word.

The man in the White House who had to leave the summer I was born had an extreme case of it and he paid the price that was justly his to pay.

So I do hope the summer of ’74 wasn’t a one of its kind.

Because my respect comes with conditions.

There’s a scale on which I believe you have to go back and forth all life.

And the question must be asked all the time wherever you are on that scale:

If somebody behaves in a way that is unacceptable to you, and you don’t have to please them because you fear them, should you then try to understand and please them because you have a moral obligation?

Because their behaviour, like anger, is a veiled disguise for a positive intent, like wanting to be respected?

Or should you demand that people also live up to a minimum standard to gain that respect? A standard of behaviour you set?

The answer, as with everything else in life, is blowing in the wind and will differ from time to time.

It is not always right to try to respect people no matter how outrageously you think they behave.

It is not always right to not care about them.

But my patience is at an end with Trump and his ilk.

They want respect so much? They feel somehow left out? Overlooked? What?

And what about everybody else who feels that way? From some women to sexual and ethnic  minorities and handicapped and immigrants and who knows who else?

If everybody who feels somehow disrespected or disenfranchised or left out – by globalisation, by the elite, by the media, by who knows what – if everybody who feels that way is allowed to just wreak destruction society because they have, deep down, some kind of just cause in principle … then what do we have left?

Yeah, that’s the problem, isn’t it? The world isn’t a right and just place.

And sometimes it’s liberals who get it wrong and sometimes it’s conservaties and almost all of the time somebody gets hurt who perhaps shouldn’t have gotten hurt.

That’s politics. And life.

I’m not in favor of hurting back. That won’t solve anything.

But I’m also not in favor of always just lending an ear, whenever somebody crashes in the door and demands to be heard because they, rightly or wrongly, feel they’ve been left out for too long.

I’ve listened enough to Trump and those who support him: To their BS is in the media, including the ‘biased media’, every day. ┬áTheir intolerance, bigotry and whining. Trump’s intolerance, bigotry and whining.

And now he got what he wanted. And his supporters got what they wanted  him to have: Power.

And lo and behold – they discover that power isn’t just a ‘take it all for yourself-buffet’!

Well, biiig news, huh?

Could there possibly be a reason that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or whomever else didn’t listen enough to you or do enough for you while they were in ‘power’?

A reason that had nothing to do with them being cold-hearted, cynical, lying a*holes?

A reason that also had to do with the fact that they, in both their positions, were not all-mighty kings and queens but just the caretakers of an entire system of entrenched and often conflicting interests?

Like political parties? Lobbies? Industries? Organisations? Bureaucracy? All of whom the former presidents were dependent on, to some degree or other, to exercise ‘power’?

No, of course not. It was all the previous administrations’ fault. And the fault of the “swamp” around them in Washington. All unified against the common man. (Unlike Trump and his billionaire cronies, of course.)

Fine. I just don’t care anymore.

Trump wants a war with everyone.

He’ll get it, then. First of all with the American justice system and maybe not so long after with his own party.

Which is what Nixon wanted and got in ’74.

Summer is coming. Sooner or later.