65. Life – Thing or Journey?

What if I tried consistently to see my life as a journey? How would that feel?

Do I think it would make it easier for me to accept that sometimes there are false starts and dead ends and all kinds of problems?

Do I think it would make it easier for me to also enjoy the parts of the journey with the spectacular views and interesting people? (Instead of neglecting them because I’m too focused on the negatives?)

Do I think that overall the journey-way-of-seeing-life would … feel … more hopeful and meaningful, no matter what happened?

I could try to say to myself every morning I get up:

“What shall I do on this day in my life-journey?” (Or just: “On this day of the journey?”)

By doing so I train myself to see my life as a journey.

And for me a journey has always been something positive.

It has a goal. A meaning. Even if a lot of terrible stuff happens along the way and you get stuck for 3 days in an airport somewhere.

That means I have primed myself to see my life, basically, as something meaningful instead of just a series of random events – the ‘tenor’ of which I allow to change depending on my circumstances, as I tried to show above:

If I fall in love, everything is rosy Hollywood …

If I go bankrupt everything is ‘a dark hole’ … etc.

It need not be like this.

Falling in love and going banktrupt and illness and health and everything else, it can all be part of a journey.

Instead of landmines that shake and blow up parts of my carefully constructed life-as-a-Thing.

It can all be part of a big wonderful, meaningful journey.

But I will only know that meaning gradually and I will only find it if I decide to believe it can be so.

For of course this perspective is no more true than my life as a ‘deep dark hole’!

But if I really do have the choice …

between ‘dark hole – period’


‘journey – with some dark holes but also some nice oases along’

… then why not train myself to more and more choose the journey-way-of-looking-at-life?

And not wait until I actually fall into another dark hole.

Because by then it will be extremely hard to train myself to see anything else in the darkness.