67. Many Ways

One thing that keeps me going when I’m in a black hole … is the energy of giving.

When I am that it is a way to get hope to … each out to others.

And give them the best hope I can.

For example: via comments on their blog posts or in forums and helping them with some very particular problem.

That also makes me feel like I can make it, eventually, even if it is just a little action that, seen in isolation, doesn’t have a lot to do with my overall situation.

But since I have to fuel my mind and spirit to keep going, it IS related.

For if I don’t do actions every day that keep my spirit up I won’t get better. Simple as that.

The action aspect is what’s important. And in truth it could be any action.

I’ve heard it recommended to start with physical exercise if you feel mentally ‘stuck’.

It is very simple to start, has a powerful positive side-effect on your body’s well-being and makes you feel ’empowered’.

You go out and move, as oppose to sitting passively down somewhere, maybe even feeling trapped there.

That’s the idea. And it works. (I can testify to that.)

But so does mental exercise, or exercise for the heart if you will.

For when you are most anxiety-ridden you tend to close yourself in on yourself. It all becomes about you – and for good reasons. You feel terrible!

Unfortunately, that is the path away from the healing energy of giving:

Try to give whatever you can, even when you are down.

It heals. It really does.

When I was most in ‘the pit’ with anxiety over 10 years ago, I used to go to various forums and blogs and try to give my advice on how I dealt with anxiety – or just offer moral support.

It was also a place for me to learn about how to deal with my own problems, yes, but what gave me energy was giving something – however token-ish – to others in terms of advice or support.

And it wasn’t necessarily something to do with my own problems that gave me this experience.

I also stubbornly maintained a seat at the table of a role-playing group I had been invited to, among old friends, although I could hardly make the trip to the city in which we had to meet – due all the anxiety I felt.

But while I was there I felt I could contribute.

Just by being part of the group.

Just due to my presence.

And by adding to the stories we created together.

Small stuff but important stuff, too. However, that’s another story …

There are many ways of giving.

Perhaps we can measure our feeling of being blessed in direct relation to how aware – and how appreciative – we are of each.