89. As It Turns Out

So last night when I came home after a friendly meeting with PL (which was wonderful), I felt … a lot better.

Not so much because of the meeting but because, I strongly suspect …

  • that I had not checked email all day except in the morning and during a few workhours for a client when I had to check some of his instructions
  • that I had not checked news or anything else on the Internet all day since morning
  • when I had only checked the national and BBC, plus searched for blogs that I’d like to comment on …

And I didn’t do any of that either when I came home.

I settled to read, some fiction and some non. Then I prepared for drawing but decided that it was okay now not to draw every evening if I didn’t feel like it.

Since cutting down, again, on my ambitions for the final product (such as ditching the light board-version of the page for the foreseeable future), I’ve felt that it is okay if I keep it very simple and as a relaxation option, not a duty option. Or like some habit I was struggling to form.

Also I bought the small sketch pad to have in my pocket to, well, draw on – instead of looking at the phone when I wait or commute. I had forgotten a proper pencil, of course, but there you go.

I feel good about that version. It’ll allow me to draw in bits all during the day, or rather – I allow myself to do so.

At the same time I vow to constrain myself from other distractions such as the Internet. It’ll be workable and more flexible, esp. when Jay comes around.

Last up, I felt much less overwhelmed by the task of cleaning up our rooms, which I have fretted about many days before this post.

It seems all I really needed to do to feel surplus for this (rather big) task, given the circumstances, was to clean up my mind first.