92. Detoxing a Way to Soul

Yesterday and the day before that I felt the first effects, I believe, of my Internet detox.

To reiterate: No internet, except 15 min of mail in the morning, two quick news checks and perhaps looking for another blog to comment on.

+What is absolutely necessary for work, of course – but nothing else.

So far I kept at it well, and that apparently had some effects …

What can I say? At times I felt like crying, but at other times I just felt much more … present and alive.

I guess those are the words. And I know, I sound like a commercial for a hippie camp.

But the effect was really powerful, really quick.

Today, after a long work day with clients, a live-talk and teaching, the effect is there not-so-much.

I wonder if it’s because such a day I was not able to make more space in my mind for my soul, because of all the work?

It might be. It might. It may not matter what you cram into your mind from worries about mortgage to excessive social media to bad news to arguments.

As long as you cram more into your mind than you need to, then you are potentially imprisoning it.

Or yourself, if you want another word.

At least that is my experience, and this is not the first time. Only this time, the detox effects are much more powerful.

I also tried a bit more healthy food and juices but not that much more than usual. Although I suspect if I did more juices, esp. ginger and orange and lemon, then I would feel more … well, detoxed again. I would feel more powerful feelings. More alive-ness.

I suspect it, because one of the ’emotional quickenings’ came a day after I had taken several of these concentrated juice-shots for my cold. The other quickening came a day or so later (yesterday) when I hadn’t …

Wait. That’s not true.

I had. Taken something.

I had bought a ginger-shot at the station’s kiosk before heading to the office of my client.

So is it fruit mostly or quitting the superfluous noise of the Internet? Which makes me feel more alive? More present? More Real?

I guess only further experiments can answer that with any degree of certainty. But suffice to say, I don’t think it’s worth it to try to pollute my mind again with more Internet Noise and then balance that off with more ginger shots.

That would be like training for a marathon and then eating junk food.

I think I will have to go all out, with both. Do as much Internet detox as I can. Get as much more juice into my life, literally, as I feel is correct for my health.

Then watch the effects and try to discern if any of the two measures seem to have stronger effects on me than the other.

Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all. Maybe it is just the total effect that matters.

Maybe what matters even more: That I’m looking for cleansing and not more pollution.