196. Through the Crap

Writing this Saturday is interesting, because Monday could be crap. As usual. With Big Photographer Client and all his Mess.

However, after feeling like crap Saturday I’ve made a few good decisions. Here they are:

Replacing the 1500 USD per month I earn from Big Photographer Client is of paramount importance.Read more

195. What I Have To Do With My Life From Now On

.. which I realized yesterday as I was sitting on that cafe and not really living the ‘laptop lifestyle’:

I have to strike a balance.

Giving entirely up on my strong drive to earn money in better and more enjoyable ways, won’t work.

But I need not to obsess too much about it and let that mission distract me from appreciating everything else in life.… Read more

191. So Where To Go From Here?

That’s the question I ask each morning when I go out in the neighborhood with Jay in his carriage, so Char can get some extra sleep.

It would also be a good question for my life currently. With regard to a number of themes.

Since I am so restricted with time and energy right now, helping raise Jay, trying to earn a minimum income regularly through my firm, and doing dishes 3 days old, this is not an easy question to answer.… Read more

147. The Gift

So it didn’t happen that we became a family this weekend, although we had made a number of guesses that we would. Guesses we almost believed in.

That’s fine. The term is May 6 and it will be May 13-14 at the latest, as the docs will start it up if nature doesn’t – due to Char’s age (41).… Read more

98. No Crossbreeds

As I worked through today’s tasks in my ‘home office’, while Photographer Client (CN) is romping around Burma to shoot monks, I wondered if I hadn’t after all made a wrong decision about this client.

If I’m not entirely wrong I have written about it previously, and most definitely thought about it:

Like saying once and for all – ‘I’ll work 3 days or 24 hours a week and no more – if you are not satisfied with what I can accomplish in that time, find someone else’.… Read more

91. My Movie

Today I went to the photographer client’s office an hour away only to discover that he had neglected to inform me that his plane was delayed from Norway, so I was alone there.

Not sure if I should be feeling pissed or not. I had some files thereĀ  – no other computer – that I couldn’t have gotten to anyway, if I had not been in the office.… Read more

Welcome to My Most Ridiculously Ambitious Blog Ever …


My name is Christopher Marcus. I’m a web-designer and consultant by day and blogger, novella-writer, hobby-artist and inner city shaman by night …

I’m also 43 years old, living in Copenhagen, hitched with Char and raising little Jay.

So why ‘ridiculous’?

Well, you see …

Every day for 14012 days (yes, 14012!) I will write a diary
and think aloud on all the challenges of living one ordinary not-always-easy life – and how to feel that things are going to be okay anyway.

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